Researchers & Graduate students

The "End of an Arc" program involves researchers and graduate students with interests covering most aspects of volcanology and igneous petrology across a large number of institutions:

Graduate students


Graduate students

Mr Yannick Le Moigne

Mr Yannick Le Moigne, Ph.D. candidate, SFU/LMV

Research: Volcanology, geochemistry, petrology
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Mr Gioachino Roberti

Mr Gioachino Roberti, Ph.D. candidate, LMV/SFU

Research: Volcanic geomorphology, characteristics and dynamics of landslides and lahars
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Miss Swetha Venugopal

Miss Swetha Venugopal, Ph.D. candidate, SFU/LMV

Research: Volcanology, gas geochemistry
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Mr Alexander Wilson

Mr Alexander Wilson, Ph.D. candidate, UBC/LMV

Research: Volcanology, glaciovolcanism
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Dr Valérie Cayol

Dr Valérie Cayol, Research Fellow, LMV

Research: Mechanisms of transfer and storage of magma in volcanoes through analysis of surface deformation
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Dr John Clague

Dr John Clague, Professor, SFU

Research: Quaternary geology of western Canada, glacial stratigraphy, landslides, earthquakes and tsunamis
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Dr Tim Druitt

Dr Tim Druitt, Professor, LMV

Research: explosive volcanism and its products, magma ascent, the assembly of shallow magma chambers
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Dr Lucia Gurioli

Dr Lucia Gurioli, Physicien, LMV

Research: Explosive volcanism and its products, complex mechanisms determining magma ascent
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Dr Andrew Harris

Dr Andrew Harris, Professor, LMV

Research: Infrared imaging, numerical modeling of lava flows, remote sensing
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Dr Mark Jellinek

Dr Mark Jellinek, Professor, UBC

Research: Volcanology, geodynamics, planetary science, mechanics of geological fluids
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Dr David Jessop

Dr David Jessop, Post-doctoral Fellow, LMV

Research: Physical and theoretical modelling of two-phase volcanological flows,d dynamics of turbulent entrainment, particle-fluid-particle couplings
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Dr Karim Kelfoun

Dr Karim Kelfoun, Lecturer, LMV

Research: Numerical modeling of volcanic flows, development of simulation code VolcFlow, tsunamis generated by volcanic flows
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Dr Philippe Labazuy

Dr Philippe Labazuy, Physicien Adjoint, LMV

Research: Volcanology, geophysics applied to volcanology
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Dr Muriel Laubier

Dr Muriel Laubier, Lecturer, LMV

Research: Geochemistry of melt inclusions trapped in primitive phenocrysts in lavas, mantle redox conditions
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Dr Hervé Martin

Dr Hervé Martin, Professor, LMV

Research: Mechanisms of crustal growth of the early Earth, petrogenesis of adakites - modern analogues hot subduction.
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Dr Thierry Menand

Dr Thierry Menand, Lecturer, LMV

Research: Transport of magmas in the crust, formation of plutons and magma reservoirs, flow of geological fluids, volcanic degassing systems
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Dr Julien Monteux

Dr Julien Monteux, Post-doctoral Fellow, LMV

Research: The role of giant impacts in the evolution of planetary interiors
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Dr Séverine Moune

Dr Séverine Moune, Physicien-Adjoint, LMV

Research: Geochemistry of volcanic gases and aerosols
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Dr Emily Mullen

Dr Emily Mullen, Post-doctoral Fellow, LMV

Research: Volcanology, isotope geochemistry, geochemical evolution of magma chambers
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Dr Jean-Louis Paquette

Dr Jean-Louis Paquette, Senior researcher, LMV

Research: Absolute ages and duration of magmatic phenomena
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Dr Olivier Roche

Dr Olivier Roche, Research Fellow, LMV

Research: Emplacement of pyroclastic flows, formation of calderas and associated eruptions, erosion mechanisms by geophysical flows
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Dr Kelly Russell

Dr Kelly Russell, Professor, UBC

Research: Volcanology, igneous petrology related to the formation, transport and eruption of magma
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Dr Pierre Schiano

Dr Pierre Schiano, Professor, LMV

Research: Geochemistry of primary magmas derived from mantle melting, the details of their genesis and nature of their deep sources
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Dr Jean-Claude Thouret

Dr Jean-Claude Thouret, Professor, LMV

Research: Physical volcanology and volcanic geomorphology, explosive calc-alkaline volcanism, history and eruptive dynamics, characteristics and dynamics of lahars
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Dr Benjamin Van Wyk De Vries

Dr Benjamin Van Wyk De Vries, Professor, LMV

Research: Tectonics of volcanoes, catastrophic collapses and debrisavalanches, deformation monitoring of volcanic surfaces by videogrammetry, volcanic hazards
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Dr Nathalie Vigouroux

Dr Nathalie Vigouroux, Instructor & Adjunct faculty, Douglas/SFU

Research: Volcanology, volcanic gas geochemistry, geothermal systems
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Dr Brent Ward

Dr Brent Ward, Professor, SFU

Research: Quaternary geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, surface mapping, landslides
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Dr Dominique Weis

Dr Dominique Weis, Professor, UBC

Research: Isotope geochemistry, geochemistry
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Dr Glyn Williams-Jones

Dr Glyn Williams-Jones, Associate Professeur, SFU

Research: Physical volcanology, gas geochemistry, applied geophysics, remote sensing
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