Aims & Objectives

Tectonic elements and volcanoes in the Northern Cascade Arc and Cordilleran Volcanic Province. Possible locations for the northern end of the subduction zone: (1) From the triple junction through the Anahim Volcanic Belt, (2) along Brooks Peninsula fault zone and through the Alert Bay volcanic belt on Vancouver Island, (3) along the Nootka fault. Map by Emily Mullen. Modified after Edwards & Russell (2000), McCrory et al. (2012).

The "End of an Arc: The Remarkable Life and Death of a Volcanic Arc" is a partnership that started in 2014 with the goal of investigating the Canadian segment of the Northern Cascade Arc, also known as the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt. Specifically, we aim to characterise the evolution of a continental volcanic arc in space and time and develop an understanding of this evolution in terms of links among key mantle, magmatic, tectonic and surface processes.


We will therefore